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There are news reports of a tower crane collapsing into a Northwood family home.

A family home had to be evacuated after a luffing tower crane jib came crashing down onto it.

The health and safety executive will now hold an investigation after the crane, which was working on the construction of a series of flats in Northwood, London, smashed into the roof of a nearby house.

Police have confirmed that, despite having to evacuate a family from the home, nobody was injured as the crane collapse into the house at 4pm on 27 March.

It is currently unclear what caused the crane’s jib to fall down on to the house, although it has been suggested that the luffing jib hoist brake may have given way.

The house is currently cordoned off by police and it has not yet been confirmed when it will be safe for the family to return to their home.

The accident was not an unprecedented event, with a crane coming down in a similar manner at a building site in Wapping last year.

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