Britain’s ‘manliest’ jobs 2013 revealed

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The toughest roles in the world of work for both men and women!

Crane drivers, miners and the police have all been named in a list of the most rugged jobs that are done by both men and women in Britain.

Celebrating the hard work put in by people in the toughest surroundings, a major UK plant hire company decided to find out with jobs were the “manliest” irrespective of what gender fills the role.

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According to the survey carried out by, it’s people who work in the construction industry who appear to have the toughest job in the country; while politicians and librarians, according to the British public are the ones who have it easy.

“We came up with this idea when we decided to see if there was anybody as manly as a crane driver,” said ‘s Mark Hall, “but when we realised that more and more women are getting jobs as crane operations crew, we just had to change our angle of attack.”

The ‘manliest’ jobs of 2013 were, according to those we surveyed (Survey data – 2618 in total 60% female 40% male – ages 18 – 35 UK wide)

• Crane Driver & construction industry
• Miner
• Lion tamer
• Night Club Bouncer
• Steel Erector
• Armed Forces
• Police
• Nursing
• Truck driver
• Teacher

And the five least rugged jobs:

• Politician
• Journalist
• Office worker
• Entertainment
• Librarian

“These results really tell a tale,” says Hall. “Teaching just makes it into the top ten as people realise just how tough a profession it really is. And if you’re a politician – we’re sorry, it doesn’t matter how many doors you knock during elections, Britain thinks you’re all soft.” was amazed at the number of professions that were named in the survey: “We could have filled whole pages with results,” said Hall, “but we had to stick with the top ten, and we were delighted to see nursing make the grade. That’s a proper tough job with little reward, make no mistake.”

However, the fact that building trades people topped the list comes as no surprise. “These are everyday heroes who keep the country’s economy ticking over. It’s high time they got the recognition they deserved. Well done, ladies and gentlemen.”

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