Britain’s ‘manliest’ jobs 2013 revealed

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PRESS RELEASE The toughest roles in the world of work for both men and women! Crane drivers, miners and the police have all been named in a list of the most rugged jobs that are done by both...

A Brief History of Cranes

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Cranes have been in use for thousands of years. It's thought that the first machines where devised in Ancient Greece at least 500 years before the birth of Christ as engineers sought new ways to...

Principles of lifting: The science of cranes

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The crane is an incredible monument to the inventiveness of the human mind. Finding the human body unable to lift and move heavy objects, our inquiring instinct means that we've been able to think up...

Where next for tower crane safety?

Posted on:
One of the great controversies in recent years to hit the construction industry was the coalition government's decision to scrap the Notification of Tower Cranes Regulations as part of its...

How safe are crane operations in the UK?

Posted on:
The crane collapse on the roof of the Cabinet Office in London's Whitehall during recent storms once again highlights the need for stringent safety measures for all kind of crane structures. Or does...

Who makes up a crane operating team?

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Like any aspect of the construction industry, crane operations are all about the team working together rather than just a collection of skilled individuals. It's not just about the driver jumping up...

Job done: Cranes dismantle Salford’s iconic blue cranes

Posted on:
The skyline in the north west is changing again as two massive cranes that have dominated views in Salford are removed. The pair of blue cranes have been part of the Salford way of life for the...

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