Contract Lift

We are specialists in Contract Lifting.

Do you have an appointed person? A designated lift super supervisor? Is there a relevant method statement and risk assessment in place? Are you aware it is your legal obligation to ensure that every lifting operation is correctly planned and supervised?
If the answer is “NO”, then you require our contact lifting services.

Crane Hire UK can provide comprehensive & efficient services, along with fully trained and competent personnel, to reduce any nagging doubts or worries our clients may have in complying with increasingly stringent Health & Safety regulations.

We currently provide our expertise to large and varied industry sectors, and offer the following, but not limited to:

  • Free, no obligation site surveys & assessments
  • Lifting/handling operation method statements & risk assessments
  • Qualified Appointed Person, Lift Supervisors, Slinger/Signalers
  • Crane hire & complex lifting solutions up to 1,000Tonnes capacity
  • Traffic/pedestrian management schemes & local authority liaison
  • Machinery & mechanical plant installations & removal
  • Haulage & storage solutions

Any or all of the foregoing services can be accommodated as a “package” and co-ordinated by our management team, ensuring our clients need only make the one telephone call!

We have a team of highly experienced individuals committed to offering their clients a hassle free lifting and transportation service fronts Crane Hire UK. Trained in Appointed Persons duties and abiding by LOLER 1998 (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) and also BS7121 guidelines. These individuals will plan, supervise and execute the lifting operation safely and efficiently every time.

This service is best suited to clients with limited experience in modern day lifting operations. Guidelines and regulations are changing at a fast pace these days and unless you work in lifting operations on a regular basis it is difficult to keep up to date.

Companies should consider that every lifting operation is governed by the same regulations so if the contract lift option is not taken and crane hire only is then the user is still committed to providing an Appointed Person and other Certified labour themselves which should also be backed by a risk assessment and method statement. We often find that customers opt for the services of Crane Hire UK because overall it proves to be more economical than providing labour and insurance from their own in house resources. In the main our contract lifting services are provided as per The Construction Plant Association Standard Conditions for a Contract for the Lifting and Movement of Goods Involving Crane Operation. As part of these conditions insurance covers are also provided which provide extra peace of mind when using this service. At the end of the day if your own employees get things wrong the financial and legal penalties can be very severe.

As standard practice Crane Hire UK will advise on correct slinging methods and types of lifting tackle to be utilised, correct crane selection and positioning. It is also common place for Crane Hire UK to organise road closures, arrange traffic and pedestrian protection and liase with relevant authorities where required, in fact the Crane Hire UK team will handle just about anything that has anything to do with the lifting operation.

There is a lot of detail behind the scenes that we take care of with our contract lift services including

  • The Customer must provide the lifting operation supplier with any and all information required
  • The lifting operation supplier will then carry out all other duties required
  • The Customer (User) must plan all work in accordance with BS7121
  • Supply the Appointed Person (competent person) to plan and take charge of the lifting operation
  • Supply the lifting operation supervisor and appropriate numbers of slinger signalers (trained and competent)
  • Ensure that all risk assessments have been carried out with due regard to LOLER 98, and PUWER 98
  • Ensure that craneage and lifting equipment to be supplied is of suitable type and capacity
  • Check suitable insurance covers are in place
  • Check all test certificates and exam reports are up to date and as per statutory requirements.

Lightweight and Heavyweight lifting operations to BS7121 standards throughout the UK

  • Crane Capacities 8 tonnes to 1000 tonnes
  • Highly trained Appointed Persons, Slinger Signallers, Riggers
  • Computer Aided Design drawing (CAD)
  • Highly detailed Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Full compliance with BS7121, LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998
  • Lifting Equipment design and supply
  • Specialist Road and Sea Transportation
  • Road Closures, Traffic and Pedestrian Protection, and Environmental permits to work
  • Portable Road Installations and Ground Support Solutions
  • Network Rail supervised projects

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