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Are you looking for reliable crane hire in Coventry or any location in the West Midlands? We’re a national company offering cranes and competent crew in your area. We’re dynamic, flexible and staffed by experts who know their stuff when it coming to lifting and moving things. We’ve got the cranes and the brains to do the job.

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Crane Hire

Crane Hire

Do you need a crane? If it’s a relatively simple lift, or if you have more complex or longer-term needs, we have the solution. Our fully-qualified staff will advise you on the right crane for the task in hand, and we’ll even arrange a site visit to make sure that the job’s done safely.

Our modern fleet has every crane you’ll ever need for any scenario: We’ve got modern tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and all-terrain machines at our disposal, coping with anything from high-lift jobs to lorry loading on all kinds of sites. Drop us a line and we can discuss your needs

Expert Help

Expert Help

Crane Hire UK knows you’re going to need the right crane, with the right crew on the right day. We’ve got teams of  well-trained CPCS card-holding staff ready to go to make sure that your job is carried out to top standards. Our contract lifting is tailored to your needs, and our staff on the ground are flexible enough to solve and problem.

Give us a call and you’ll be impressed by our knowledge as we talk you through our top quotes for any type of lifting or loading work. Our drivers, banksmen and appointed persons are all 100% up to the job, whether they’re qualified to operate tower cranes, pick-and-carry cranes or truck-mounted machines.

The advice and effort put in by Crane Hire UK is indispensable

Mrs E Lindley

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  • Experienced operators who love their job!
  • The right crane for your contract, on time

Whatever you’re needs in Coventry and the West Midlands, we’re available 365 days a year, around the clock. Whether you need crane hire for the building trade, telecoms, commercial or domestic sites, we have the right solution for you.

Crane Hire UK prides itself on our best hire rates. Whether it’s a simple task or a complex lift, we’ve got the best value for your budget. Contact us now about your requirements – both in the short- and long-term.

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