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Whatever your crane requirements, we have the lifting expertise to cater for jobs both large and small.

Well established and equipped with a modern fleet, our UK crane hire business has the experience to accommodate lifting requirements from small cranes to large 500ft cranes.

Whether you need to hire a crane on a short-term basis or for a longer period of time, our fleet is tailored to suit the needs and timescales for businesses of all sizes. With the versatility and experience to carry out safe and professional lifting projects, we can ensure that every job is completed in a proficient manner.

Hire options:

When you need to hire a crane, it is important to be aware of what lifting options are available to you. Our cutting-edge crane fleet offers lifting equipment from all-terrain cranes to large mobile cranes, meaning your project can be supported by the right crane that is suited for the work you are undertaking. It is also important to be aware of the lifting capacity of your hired cranes and ensure that when you hire a crane, it has the strength to do the job.

Crane hire in the UK can be divided into two key routes: Certified Crane Hire and Certified Contract Lift.

Certified Crane Hire
Certified Crane Hire is a suitable option if you have experienced personnel onsite to take responsibility of the crane when in use. Once onsite, the hired crane, any equipment and persons involved with the operation of the crane will be accountable to the Appointed Person. Under a standard Certified Crane Hire Agreement, the Appointed Person will need to have the knowledge and expertise to plan and execute the lifting operation.

If you wish to hire a crane under a Certified Crane Hire Agreement, you will need the appropriate insurance cover to protect equipment, personnel and the goods that are being lifted. This includes loss or damage protection and legal liability.

Certified Contract Lift
This crane hire option allows you to keep the responsibility of the crane in the hands of the crane owner. This must also include an Appointed Person or Crane Supervisor supplied on behalf of the crane owner, who will accept liability for planning and supervising the lift project.

As the crane owner has responsibility, this crane hire option has insurance cover that includes loss or damage of plant equipment, loss or damage to third party property and liability. The customer still takes some responsibility when hiring a crane under the Certified Contract Lift Agreement and must ensure that protection is provided in the event of own negligence, inadequate and unstable ground conditions and inadequate or incorrect information about the goods being lifted.

If you’d like to find out more about Certified Crane Hire or Certified Contract Lift Agreements, contact us for expert advice and professional assistance on what option is best for you. Equally, please be in touch if you would like to hire a crane or find out more information about our fleet of cranes.

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