What size of crane do I need?

Mobile cranes are classed as All Terrain, Truck Mounted or Specialist. The lifting task, access to the site and the load to be lifted determining the type of crane needed.

What size of cranes do you hire?

Answer Crane Hire UK can supply any type and size of crane from upto 1,000 tonnes

What do I need to do to hire a crane?

Do I need to provide anything on the day of the hire?

Do I need to be insured?

What is an Appointed Person?

What is contract lifting?

What is a mobile tower crane?

What is the minimum length of hire?

Normally the minimum period of hire is a day. However shorter periods may be possible by individual arrangement

What do you do about travel costs?

Travelling to and from the place of work for the crane is usually classed as part of the hire period

Do your operators carry any form of certification?

All of our operators are Certified under the CPCS (Construction Plant Competency Scheme)

How good is your safety record?

Safety is at the heart of our business and we take it very seriously. We have an excellent safety record. It is a standing instruction to all of our operators to cease the job if they believe that the environment is not safe or that safety is being compromised

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