Mini Crane Hire

We operate mini crawler cranes from 4.9t to 8t capacity. The edge of these machines is their capability to travel across ground a mobile crane wouldn’t; making them good for an operators cab and tight access areas making them perfect for outdoor use. Mini cranes offer strong lifting capacities given their size, enabling them to work in regions of confined space while lifting heavy loads. They have been used in tunnels, building hangars, cemeteries, water collation and treatment sites, tv and film sets, commercial premises, the Olympic Stadium, airports, the Millennium Dome, London theaters, the Stratford Theatre and London hotels.

Miniature spider cranes are the most compact cranes in the world, for lifting loads ideal where space and access are limited.

All cranes are available for weekly or daily rental across the UK.

To locate the right crane for your job, please contact our favorable rental team.

At last, a crane that gets in to places you wouldn’t impossible. Lean enough to fit through a standard door, this technically complex miniature crawler range delivers up to 4.0 tons of lifting power and retains excellent manoeuvrability.

With its exceptional pentagonal boom and superb thin profile this mini range is the most flexible scope of cranes in the marketplace. Motor choices include electric and diesel versions.

The mini crawler range comprises 4 cranes ranging from the ultra compact MC174 to the innovative MC405, each delivering a superb balance of design, workability and manoeuvrability.

We can provide a wide array of below the hook accessories including spreader beams, vacuum lifters for glass managing and cladding. Additionally accessible are attachment including searcher hooks and fly jibs and remote control procedure.

Working space is confined or wherever accessibility is restricted, Crane Hire UK are the only solution.

The smallest machines can fit through a single doorway, and an entrance the size of a double doorway is all that’s necessary. Where space remains an issue but greater lifting ability is needed we have the answer.

Operating indoors? Our miniature cranes come along with the typical petrol or diesel, with a choice that is electric or gas, making then ideal for working both inside and out.

Self Function: Our one-day motorist familiarization is made to ensure operators are fully conversant with procedures for the safe functioning of cranes that are mini.

Operator Hire: We can give you a seasoned operator to help you on site, if you prefer.

Accessories: Chains Pads, slings, spreader beams and glass lifters are available to hire, just ask!

Coverage: Strategically predicated on the edge of the east midlands with easy accessibility to major routes we’re able to furnish the length and breadth of England and Wales.

Support: Technical support is available over the phone, or through a site visit. Whether you have a technical question, or need help to evaluate a lifting task, we will provide independent, objective advice to help find the very best option.

Economy and Ecology: Sensible throttle activation to ensure optimum fuel consumption minimising the impact on the environment is incorporated by all modes. Additionally, to actively protect our environment, catalytic converters have been added to our diesel versions reducing the release of damaging emissions.

Do you realize that:

As the outriggers were created to stabilise the crane even when working on irregular surfaces miniature cranes can set up on steps!
They may be partly dismantled to permit lifting to roof height, and a few versions can help to reassemble themselves using their particular lifting capability!

Our machines are all designed with security in mind. If you make an effort to lift more than its capacity before the machine shuts down, you will get an audible warning or set up wrong.

When going across the site a miniature crane’s low ground pressure whilst tracking ensures a minimum of earth impact.

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