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Crane Hire UK is a professional crane hire solutions company providing both crane hire and contract lift services in Nottingham and the surrounding area.  If you are in need of a crane then we can provide you with an efficient and safety first service.

Our fully trained staff are experts in crane hire and can help you find the most suitable crane for your needs, at price that you can afford.

So call us today on 0800 211 8785 to learn more from our knowledgeable customer service team about how our 24/7 crane hire service could benefit you.

Contract Lift Nottingham

Crane Hire

Crane Hire

At Crane Hire UK we offer a huge range of crane services to cover Certified crane hire and Certified contract lifting.  Whether you are in need of a crawler crane or mobile tower crane for large scale construction contracts, or need a crane to help install a hot tub in your back garden, we can offer a low cost professional service for you.

Our highly trained staff are true experts in crane hire and will make sure that for one off crane hire jobs an appointed person and project management apparatus are in place to ensure to work we carry out for you in 100% safe and 100% within crane hire regulations.


Expert Help

Expert Help

We can offer you free expert advice to help you ascertain the best crane for your crane hire needs.  We also provide fully trained crane drivers to make sure our contracts are complete efficiently and safely.  Be it a long term project or a one off job, we will make sure you get the most appropriate crane at the best possible price.

Site visits are also a very important part of the crane hire process, and we will make sure that before any work at all is undertaken a full and comprehensive site visit takes place to asses the suitability of different crane types for your crane hire needs.

The advice and effort put in by Crane Hire UK is indispensable

Mrs E Lindley

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  • Huge range of cranes
  • Fully trained drivers

We strive to offer our clients the highest quality service at the best rates on the market because we know that customer satisfaction is the key to long term success.  We can guarantee our customers a safe, reliable and efficient service, overseen by experts at every step to ensure the highest standards are maintained on the jobs we undertake.

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