Crane Hire: Planning

Hiring a crane for construction work is a large job, and if not carried out properly then there can be a number of hazards involved. You not only run the risk of having an unsuccessful lift, but there could also be safety concerns for crane staff as well as other people on site. Because of the high-risk nature of the work, there are numerous considerations that need to be worked through to ensure that the operation goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Planning, therefore, is the first step in any crane hire procedure – and also the most important.

The first thing that you have to decide when planning your crane lift is which method of crane hire you are going to opt for. The two options are:

• Certified Contract Lift
• Certified Crane Hire

This is an extremely important decision as, ultimately, it affects the rest of your planning process.

A Certified crane hire is when you hire a crane and an operator, but under the premise that you will be planning the lift yourself and merely instructing the crane operator in what to do. This is a big job and not one to be undertaken unless you have full confidence in your ability to successfully plan the lift. Some of the things that you will need to have carefully considered include: which crane is the most appropriate for the task at hand, where the crane will be positioned during the job, and how you are going to ensure that it is conducted safely. You will also need to arrange for somebody to be present during the lift to competently supervise.

The second option, the Certified contract lift, is a popular choice for people who are less experienced with this type of work. In these cases, the crane hire company is fully responsible for both the planning and implementation of the job. We will visit the site of the operation to fully assess all potential risks and then plan accordingly. This takes much of the stress of the operation away from you, the customer, as you have the peace of mind that the job is in the hands of experienced and competent employees.

It is also worth noting that during a Certified crane hire, the customer is responsible for any issues in relation to insurance. During a contract lift, this responsibility lies with the hire company.

If you choose to opt for the crane hire, then you will need to provide evidence to the company that you are hiring a crane from that you have completed the required planning to an acceptable standard. This includes showing a full risk assessment, as well as a physical plan that gives details on crane positioning and weight of products. If you are unable to provide the hire company with this planning evidence, then you may be refused the full Certified crane hire on grounds of safety.
As long as your lift is fully planned by experienced, competent people, then there is no reason why your crane hire shouldn’t run smoothly and safely. Get in touch with CraneHireUK today to find out more about your options for hiring a crane.

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