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We offer full site visits that are conducted by trained safety professionals, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your hired crane is within regulations and follows safety procedures.

According to British law (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations of 1998) all lifting operations needs to be planned and supervised by qualified individuals and conducted in the safest manner possible. With this in mind, regular site visits are crucial to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

When hiring a crane, a site visit will be done to determine and identify what the risks of a project will likely be. It will also help in determining what the resources, procedures and responsibilities will be associated with a particular project. Site visits are a vital part of hiring a crane for any project, and will be incorporated where necessary into your crane package when you hire from us.

According to British law, there are four major areas to consider when using a crane. These include:

• Planning your lifting operation.
• Ensuring that there are proper safety procedures in place
• Ensuring that all lifting projects are properly supervised
• Conducting thorough examinations of the site.

Our first-class site visit service guarantees that these safety considerations are followed and your lifting operation is in accordance with regulations. When you need a qualified professional to visit your site, we can provide the right personnel to examine, plan and conduct any risk assessments that are necessary.

It goes without saying that planning is crucial for any project that requires crane hire. Our site visit professionals have the practical and theoretical experience to assess a site and foresee any risks that may be involved with a particular project. A carefully planned project is more likely to run smoothly and this is why we conduct site visits that take into account all areas of crane usage – including site preparation, crane erection and dismantling the equipment once the project has been completed.

We understand that every project is unique. Whether you are planning a small residential project or an operation on a commercial scale, your crane hire needs will be vastly different. For this reason, we provide full site audits that are tailored to the necessities of your specific requirements. We also believe that every operation is a partnership. We work hard to ensure that when you hire a crane from us, you can be certain that you receive a first-class, personalised service, complete with site visits when necessary.

Safety is our number one concern and our site visit service is tailored to ensure that we will be visible onsite at key stages of the lifting process when you hire a crane from us.

If you would like advice or more information about crane hire regulations and site visits, our qualified professionals would be happy to answer any queries you may have. If you would like to hire a crane, we cater to projects both big and small, so contact us today for your personalised crane hire quote.

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