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If you’ve got any interest at all in cranes and the part they play in all aspects of the UK construction industry, then the BBC’s new reality based documentary programme The Crane Gang is absolutely perfect for you.

According to the BBC’s blurb it’s “Following the men and women of the UK’s largest mobile crane company as they compete to stay top of the crane tree, lifting everything from precious works of art to enormous wind turbines” and airs weekly on BBC2.

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The Crane Gang follows in the tradition of reality documentaries that brought us the ins-and-outs of the Eddie Stobart trucking company, and of course, the classic Ice Road Truckers, where viewers suddenly realised they actually about lorry drivers in the frozen wastes of Canada.

Produced by Avalon, one of the country’s largest and most successful production companies, the programme follows the fortunes of the drivers, operators and management of a company who are active in the UK crane hire industry. Avalon says the show follows “key personnel in a make-or-break year for the business who are involved in countless major construction projects, relocating precious works of art, lifting million pound yachts, carrying enormous wind turbines and moving derailed trains.” All we know is that it makes riveting viewing for crane fans and those in the industry.

With the technical know-how of both Avalon and the BBC behind the programme, you can be assured that it looks magnificent. The nuts-and-bolts of how the crane operators approach a difficult project coupled with imaginative camera work with cameras mounted all over the heavy lift gear, means that you get the best views of how things work, along with all the drama of the lift itself.

Critics have dismissed it as just another follow-a-big-company docu-drama in a field that’s flooded with similar programmes. However, it adds an interesting insight of the lifting and construction industry, and for that we give The Crane Gang a big thumbs up.

Of course, it won’t matter terribly if you miss it, because it’s available on the BBC’s iPlayer service, and is one of those programmes that will be repeated over and over again on speciality channels on Freeview, satellite and cable.

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